Which Are the Best Tamil Crime Movies of 2022?

Which Are the Best Tamil Crime Movies of 2022?

There are various people who like watching crime movies, and Tamil crime movies are known to be not only exciting but also thrilling. There are various Tamil crime movies such as Ayngaran, Writer and Maha that you can watch to spend your time.

But to watch these exciting  Tamil movies,  you will require to visit the top Tamil OTT sites. Read the guide below to learn more about the Tamil movies mentioned above to know if they are worth watching.

Best Tamil Movies of 2022 

The top Tamil movies of 2022 that you can choose to watch are as follows:


This is one of the latest Tamil crime movies directed by Ravi Arasu and produced by B. Ganesh. The cast of this movie includes Siddhartha Shankar, MahimaNambiar, KaaliVenkat, AadukalamNaren and many more. The story is about the life of a mechanical engineer and an inventor who uses his intelligence to save the public from anti-social elements.


This is one of the best Tamil movies and is directed by Franklin Jacob. The movie’s cast includes Samuthirakani, Lizzie Antony, Iniya, Hari Krishnan and many more. The story is about a constable cum writer who becomes part of an illegal custody case involving a PhD student and must take major decisions to right the wrong.


This is one of the latest crime movies directed by UR Jameel and includes STR, HansikaMotwani, SanamShetty, Nanditha Jennifer, and Sujith Shankar in lead roles. The movie is about an air hostess losing her girl child to a serial killer and taking the responsibility to track down the killer herself.

What is Special About the Above Movies?

The best thing about the movies mentioned above is that they have a great plot and are supported by some of the best Tamil actors. Actors such as HansikaMotwani, Siddhartha Shankar, and many more help breathe life into the movie. The movies are made in such a way they become massive hits, and the public loves them a lot.